Radboat was founded in 2017 with a singular purpose: creating the fastest sailboats in the world. Inventor and founder Alan Kruppa has been continuously developing a patented concept called aeroballast since early 2006. The White Paper linked above introduces this idea within the context of high-speed sailing theory and its influence on the design.


We are developing a proof-of-concept sailboat designed to break the outright, nautical mile and 24 hour speed records in order to demonstrate its viability for buoy, coastal, and offshore racing, a capability not currently available within the modern high-speed sailing community. The design incorporates several new features in addition to aeroballast, making it more efficient and faster than any existing high-speed sailboat.


While we develop our proof-of-concept, we are actively seeking partnerships involving technology licensing and sponsorship for speed record attempts. We are excited to tell you more about it. Please reach out to us using the Inquiries link above, and additional information and agreements will be made available upon request.