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About Us

Founded in 2017, Radboat is a family owned business located in Corvallis, OR, specializing in the design and development of high-speed sailboats incorporating a unique balancing mechanism called aeroballast. As of mid-2020, we are evaluating the performance and handling characteristics of this unique concept with a 1:10 scale research model dubbed Cecilia. We are validating and fine-tuning operating concepts in the real world to inform and optimize the structural and mechanical design of our full scale proof of concept Amelia.

Amelia is designed to be a world's first in the modern sailing arena: a sailboat capable of sustaining supercavitating speeds in the open ocean. Designed for a top speed in excess of 80 kn, she will be built to withstand the heavy wind and sea states encountered offshore at speeds approaching 60 kn. But why do any of this? Aside from the unique design challenge this concept represents, the inherent ability of a boat to go fast means that it is both efficient and easy to sail at any speed. You need not always sail faster than the wind, but the speed is there when you find yourself needing to do so.

  • August 2006


    A critical look at the aerohydrodynamics of existing high-speed sailboats inspired the creation of an advanced and highly efficient balancing mechanism called aeroballast.

  • April 2007


    The patent application for aeroballast was submitted in early 2007 and culminated with the issuance of US Patent No. 7,568,442 in late 2009.

  • May 2008


    You might fairly be expecting a portmanteau of radical and boat. But rather, the name is rooted in the name of a small mountain in the Czech republic, Radhošť, itself based on the name of the ancient Slavic god of hospitality, Radegast.

  • 2009—2014

    Theoretical Validation

    The ensuing years saw the theoretical groundwork laid for the unique efficiency comparison presented in our White Paper, inspiring the design of a proof of concept.

  • 2015—2016

    Practical Concepts

    Practical concepts for the launch and handling challenges unique to the high-speed and statically unstable aeroballast design took shape, paving the way for real-world testing.

  • January 2017


    Radboat LLC was officially founded for a single reason, to design the fastest sailboats in the world.

  • 2017—Present

    Real-World Testing

    A semi-autonomous 1:10 scale research model is being used for validating launch and handling procedures and evaluating sailing characteristics.

Speed Predictions

Sailing speed records are sanctioned and maintained by the World Sailing Speed Record Council. We aim to break the following three with our proof of concept in the near future, demonstrating the ability of an aeroballast design to achieve and maintain supercavitating speeds in coastal as well as offshore waters.

500 m "Outright" Record

An average speed over 500 m measured using either GPS or video timing equipment, demonstrating the fastest burst of speed a sailboat can achieve. Our goal:

81 kn

Nautical Mile Record

Similar to the outright record, but over an increased distance of 1852 m, demonstrating that a sailboat can sustain speeds for close to a minute. Our goal:

73 kn

24 Hour Record

Over the maximum distance traveled in 24 hours, demonstrating seaworthiness at speed in the heavy wind and sea states encountered offshore. Our goal:

55 kn

The Crew

Alan Kruppa

Founder and Inventor

'Like nearly every sailing quest, mine begins at a marina... in Japan. While stationed there some 5 years removed from any serious sailing, a nostalgia of sorts grew into a romantic preoccupation with living aboard a sailboat. And not just any old sloop, but something faster like one of the trimarans I remembered from offshore races. So when I approached the manager of a nearby marina intending to rent a slip as such, he delighted me with an illuminating comparison of cruising and racing trimarans, illustrating his points by penciling front views side-by-side. He capped off the discussion by opening a nearby magazine to a photo of Ellen MacArthur's B&Q trimaran, and I remember feeling a rush of awe and excitement. Yet, something else struck me: some of the superstructure wasn't streamlined, an essential aspect of aeronautical design fresh on my mind from university. I never did end up living aboard a sailboat, but I left that afternoon captivated by the design of high-speed sailboats and remain so to this day.'

Before starting Radboat®, Alan served in various engineering capacities within the DoD. When he's not developing elegant solutions to engineering problems, you can find him enjoying the outdoors.

Contact Us

Radboat® was founded with the singular ambition to design and build the fastest sailboats in the world for sport as well as the open ocean. If that idea excites you, too, then we should talk. While we develop our proof of concept, we are actively seeking partnerships involving technology licensing and sponsorship for speed record attempts. And we are soliciting volunteers from universities in close proximity to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. If any of this piques your interest, please email or call at the number below.